Heavy Duty Filter – K-9 Dryers
Heavy Duty Filter - K-9 Dryers

Heavy Duty Filter

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The Heavy Duty Filter is an alternative filtration system that works with the K-9 dryer/blower line. Check our knowledge base for more detail information about the procs/cons when using this unit.

Customer Reviews

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Chelsey A. (Salem, Utah)
Love it

No it doesnt make your dryer super quiet, but i noticed its not as loud.
It also doesnt get hot as fast either !
Fit my k9 111 perfectly and so easy to put on

Jaimie R. (Laurelton, New Jersey)
Wish i knew about these sooner!

These filters are a no brainer. They stay on and arent always falling off. They dont collect hair like the other filters. This product def creates less headache.

Shane (DeKalb, Illinois)
Works great

The heavy duty filters do a great job at keeping out hair out of the motors compared to stock filters. The Stock filters seem to buckle and break fairly often. Heavy duty filters appear to allow a bit more airflow and are easy to clean. A bit expensive, but I anticipate they will have a very long life given proper maintenance

Christy H. (Flatgap, Kentucky)
Love K9 products

I love K-9 products and these filters are no exception. They are called heavy duty for a reason, they are great and last forever! So easy to remove and install.