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Stuck on a repair? Something not working right? We're here to help!

On this page you can dig into some Frequent Questions about K-9 Dryers products, and get the low-down on authorized repair service options in the event something's just not working right.

On our Dogger Blog Page we have: Common Questions Before Purchasing Your K-9 Dryer, Common Questions & Tips, After Sale Questions as well as many other grooming topics.

And if you're still stuck, be sure to contact us and we'll help you get it sorted out.


K-9 Dryers Repair Service

Stuck on a fix? Send it to us - we can handle it! Our K-9 Dog Dryer Repair Service puts one of our team technicians in front of your dryer to diagnose the issue. We'll send you a quote for the work, and in almost no time you'll have it back and be up and running.

Check out the full details on our Dog Dryer Repair Service.


Authorized Local Repair

Looking for someone in your neighborhood? We've got you covered. Check out Electric Cleaner Company's Authorized Repair Network


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find some of the common questions we get about K-9 Dryers products. Don't see your answer? Contact us and we'll help you out!

Why doesn’t the K-9 II Variable, K-9 III Variable, and Fluffer, come in the 220v option?  

There is a specialty certification needed which is not yet available. In addition, the variable motor is unique and may not work with a 220v power supply without changes to the electronics.

What dryers work in Canada?

The 110v model is standard to Canada, however the CSA approved units for Canada are 110-volt with a 20 amp plug. If you order a 110v model, you may need an adapter to fit your standard wall outlet. The CSA regulates that we must ship standard plugs with that unit.


Who pays for international taxes and duties?

The customer is responsible for paying all taxes and duties required by the country the dryer is being delivered to, including applicable VAT and GST.


Why are the K9 II Variable and K-9 III Variable dryers only available in 2 colors?

Our engineering team is working on expanding the full color line. At present, we don't have a timeline to release this update.

If there's a specialty color you would like, we can help with that. A small additional fee applies - see "Do you offer custom colors?" below.


Do you offer custom colors?

We do! Shoot us an email on our contact page with your order number and let us know you'd like a custom color unit. Our team will coordinate the details directly with you from there.

The additional cost is $80 per unit and a delay of 2 weeks in production. 


What decibels do the units reach for sound?

All machines are around 92 decibels at 12 inches away from the exhaust - however you should never have any person or animal that close to the exhaust.

The best way to set up your machine is to place it under a table and point the exhaust vent away from the user. For safety, you should also ensure the location does not get wet. 


NON Variables K-9 II and K-9 III have 2 motors, how can you use a single motor?

The K-9 II AND K-9 III have dual switches so you can turn on each motor independently. We have two switches so that the current draw does not trip your circuit breaker.

The variable versions of these units controls BOTH motors only. 


Are wiring diagrams available?

We do not have access to provide wiring diagrams. For in-depth technical support on wiring, or to request wiring diagrams, please contact the manufacturer (Electric Cleaner Company) for additional support:

By Phone: 715-303-3754

By Email:


Have a question about Shipping?

General information about shipping is available on our Shipping info page. You can also Track Your Order here.


Have a question about Repairs?

Do you have a question about repairs that wasn't answered above? You can always Contact Us and we'll help point you in the right direction.


Have a question about your Warranty?

Do you have a question about your warranty? If it's not something answered on our warranty page, you can Contact Us.


Are there technical videos of dryer maintenance?

Yes! Electric Cleaner company offers a variety of videos on performing maintenance, such as changing brushes and removing motors. You can find them at


What is the maintenance required on all K-9 Dryers?

Regular maintenance include air intake filters and brush replacement.

Air intake filters should be rinsed and dried after every use to keep them free of debris.

To ensure long life for your K-9 Dryer, replace the Carbon Brushes regularly. Your dryer contains one or two motors. Each motor contains 1 pair of Carbon Brushes. The Carbon Brushes MUST be replaced after 50%-75% of the brush has been consumed. Without doing so may result in motor damage.

Brushes for the 833 Motor

Brushes for the 923 Motor


Can you send me a printed catalog?

At this time we do not offer a print catalog, however we are developing a print catalog for ease of ordering in the future.


An item I ordered was damaged in shipping. What should I do?

Please use our contact page (link here) or call us at 608-302-6667 to report any damages. We are disappointed when damages happen and will resolve this issue in a timely manner.


Do you sell damaged or demo dryers at a discount?

No, we do not. We sell brand new genuine K-9 Dryers directly from the manufacturer. All of our gently used and/or cosmetically flawed goods are donated to charitable causes.


Do you offer a deeper discount if I purchase a large order of dryers?

No, we do not offer a bulk discount. However, we do offer a Price Match Guarantee - ensuring you will get the best price available. We’ll match any publicly advertised price plus shipping and taxes from any authorized dealer.


I am experiencing issues with the performance of the dryer. What should I do?

If you know the part that needs to be replaced you can order them from our Replacement Parts page. If you need a manufacturer technician to look at the machine, we also offer a Repair Service.

Unfortunately we've learned from experience that it's not possible to diagnose the dryer over email or the phone. We've certainly tried! You're welcome to Contact Us if you look at parts and repair options and are still stuck.