K-9 Dryers for Rescues and Shelters

K-9 Dryers for Rescues and Shelters

When our local shelter reached out in need for a new K9 dryer we met that need, but it left us wondering who else needs help. 

With minimal research we saw the need was at a global scale.  Too big for us alone; that’s why we’re asking you for help. 

When someone orders by clicking on your “K-9 Dryers with Rescues & Shelters” badge we’ll set-aside 3% of that order for CASH.

Sweet, right? It gets better. We’ll match 10% on every dollar earned.

Wow!  There’s one more thing.   We’ll also donate a 20% OFF Certificate for any charity event put on by said Rescue or Shelter.

We still need your help.

Please share, post, tweet, mail, call, email, txt this information to anyone you know so we can reach all the Shelters and Rescues and together we can solve this gear dilemma for good. 

If you are a Shelter or Rescue fill out the signup form below or email us at social@k-9dryers.com to get setup.

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