K-9 Dryers for Rescues and Shelters

K-9 Dryers gives back

Local Rescues &
Shelters in Need

YOU can help further our mission and put
new equipment in the hands of groups that
need it most!

Our team at K-9 Dryers is on a mission to put equipment in the hands of shelters and rescues that need it most. When our own local shelter in Wisconsin reached out in need of a dryer we met that need and made sure they had the perfect model to keep their dogs dry and clean.

It left us wondering who else could benefit from a little kindness.

When our team looked into it, we saw that the need for quality equipment wasn’t just present - it was at a global scale. It’s a bit too big for us to tackle alone - and so we’re asking you for help.

You can help us make a difference…

… just by sharing our mission badge on your website.

When someone orders from K-9 Dryers by clicking on your “K-9 Dryers with Rescues & Shelters” badge we’ll set-aside 3% of that order for CASH.

Sweet, right? It gets better. We’ll match 10% on every dollar earned.

Wow! And there’s one more way we help. We will happily donate a 20% OFF Certificate for any charity event put on by said Rescue or Shelter.

We still need your help.

Please share, post, tweet, mail, call, email, and text this information to those you know so we can reach all the Shelters and Rescues and together we can solve this gear dilemma for good.

If you are a Shelter or Rescue and want to participate in the program, fill out the signup form below or email us at social@k-9dryers.com to get set up.

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