K-9 Dryers for Rescues and Shelters Terms and Conditions

K-9 Dryers for Rescues and Shelters Terms and Conditions

Sometime this legal stuff can be scary; if you have any questions please reach out. 

K-9 Dryers LLC (The Company) is a for profit Wisconsin registered Limited Liability Company located at 1906 Goldfinch Ln, Sauk City, WI 53583 United States of America.   

The authorized participating for profit or non-profit (The Shelter) must have it's primary place of business within the United States of America.

The Shelter may be allowed to participate in the "K-9 Dryers for Rescues and Shelters" (The Program) by signing up via the sign-up page located at https://k-9dryers.com/pages/k-9-dryers-for-rescues-and-shelters   It is at the sole discretion of the Company to deny any Shelter they deem fit.

Upon acceptance into the program the Company will issue a tracking link along with an HTML badge  (The Badge).

To remain active in the Program the Shelter agrees to host the Badge in a visible and accessible location on their website.  

The Company from time to time will send messages, images, marketing, and educational materials to the Shelter.  It is at the Shelters discretion to forward these materials. 

The Company at all times owns their technology and the Shelter is in no way a partner or owner in the Company.  Each party retains rights and ownership to their respective intellectual property. 

Each user that clicks on the Shelters Badge (The Referral) shall be tracked by the Company by electronic cookie for 90-days.   If the Referral places and order on K-9Dryers.com website the Shelter will earn a credit of 3% of the before tax before freight total amount paid by the Referral.   A credit may be withdrawn from the Shelter if the order is returned or found to fraudulent. 

The Company will provide the Shelter with access to software to track leads, referral orders and credit balances.   That software is located here https://www.shoutout.global/login?id=8mis3

Credits earned by the Referral are considered Held-In-Trust and will not be privy to creditors or other liquidation events. 

The Shelter may request a cash payment of the credit balance which the Company will pay at 100% of the face value. 

The Shelter may request from time to time gift certificates to be used in their own fundraising efforts which the Company will make available at their discretion.  The company may ask for photos or other proof that the event took place.

The Shelter and Company waive their rights to seek legal remedies that would be in expense of $250.

In the situation that the Shelter is no longer considered qualified by the Company the Shelter will be granted a 10-day window to cure the issue(s) discovered by the Company.

In the case that the Shelter is unable to take the required action to cure the situation the Shelter will be forced to take a cash payoff following the cash payout guidelines listed above unless otherwise stated in writing.

In the case that the Shelter can not accept the cash payout the credits in Trust will be distributed equally rounded down to the nearest penny to the remaining active Shelters. 

The Company will give 90 days notice if or when they decide to discontinue the Program.  All credit balances will be paid in full to their respective active Shelters.

The Company can be served notice at the address or email below. 

The Company reserves the right to modify this agreement and if so will give notice to the Shelter via the forms posted by the Shelter in their signup form. 

Attn: Legal Console
1906 Goldfinch Ln.
Sauk City, WI 53583

Keep on drying!

Team K-9 Dryers