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  • What is High Velocity Deshedding? Learn these Time & Money Saving Benefits of High-Velocity Deshedding

    If you’re lucky enough to call your house the loving home of a big, fluffy, and beautiful dog, then you’ll already be familiar with the eternally recurring headache of shedding. If you’re only just getting ready to bring one of these luxuriously-coated beasts into your home, then it’s important to know some things about what you can do to make cleaning your home a little easier. For anyone who’s dealt with lots of dog hair in their house, using a high-velocity dog dryer can make a huge difference!


  • Five of the Easiest Ways to Deshed a Dog

    As just about every groomer knows, almost all dogs shed. No one expects the sleek pitbull or greyhound they fell in love with at the shelter to leave unruly piles of fur around their house, but after a few months, the fur does add up! If you’re getting fed up with watching your dog’s every move with one hand on the vacuum cleaner, you might be interested in learning how to effectively and easily deshed your dog.

  • Solved: How Do Groomers Deshed Dogs-PLUS Learn How You Can Do it at Home

    Many new dog owners think shedding is the norm just for big, fluffy beasts like Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, and Old English Sheepdogs. But to the surprise of many new owners, all dogs shed — even the short-furred breeds that no one expects to shed at first glance can actually shed the most! That’s right — sleek Dalmatians, Pugs, and even Chihuahuas are actually some of the biggest shedders. So whether this secret is a new revelation to you or not, you’ll want to learn about deshedding techniques — unless you’d like your house to gradually transform into a big fur pile!

  • Common Questions Before Purchasing Your k9 Dryer

    Filter life is determined by dry usage. An average life would be 6 months. If you see any holes or tears throw the filter away and put a new one on. Clean filters by blowing them out, vacuuming them, or rinse with water. Let filters dry before using water to clean them. Filters should be cleaned at a minimum daily. Busy shops should clean them multiple times daily.
  • Common Questions and Tips

    If you have the toggle switches or the variable switch on your K-9 dryer you may just have a bad switch. The other possibility would be that your brushes are worn out. If your brushes go bad it can keep the dryer from turning on or off. Check your brushes and if they are good it’s more than likely a switch issue.
  • After Sale Questions

    The serial number for the K-9 I and k-9 II is on the top of the unit on the exhaust end which is the end your hose is attached to. The Mini K-9, K-9 Fluffer and K-9 III are under the handle where the cord wraps to the machine. The serial number is on a silver tag.
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  • Your Guide To Husky Shedding & How To Control It

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