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Common Questions Before Purchasing Your k9 Dryer

How long will my filter last and how do I clean it? How often should I clean my filter?

Filter life is determined by dry usage. An average life would be 6 months. If you see any holes or tears throw the filter away and put a new one on. Clean filters by blowing them out, vacuuming them, or rinse with water. Let filters dry before using water to clean them. Filters should be cleaned at a minimum daily. Busy shops should clean them multiple times daily.

How often should I change motor brushes and how many brushes do I need?

Motor brushes life is determined by usage. We recommend checking brushes annually. You should get a good feel for how long they will last if you check them after year one. Depending on what model you have each motor has a set of brushes (2). Mini K-9 and K-9 Fluffer-1 set of brushes required. K-9 I, K-9 II, and K-9 III-2 sets of brushes required.

What are the electrical requirements for my K-9 dryer?

The Mini K-9, K-9 Fluffer, and K-9 I will run on a 15 amp breaker. The K-9 II and K-9 III will need to be on an isolated 20 amp breaker which means the dryer is the only thing that should be operated on that breaker. If you have 2 K-9 dryers you should have 2 separate 20 amp breakers. One for each dryer.

When comparing dryers what is the difference between CFM and FPM?

CFM is the volume of air coming out of your hose and FPM is the velocity or speed at which air is coming out. A force dryer should have a large number of FPM. The K-9 is the greatest force dryer on the planet. A cage or stand dryer should have a large CFM.

Why am I paying a little extra for my K-9 dryer vs other brands?

The K-9 dryer is the most durable dryer on the market. As far as performance and durability it’s # 1 in the industry. A definite must for the professional groomer. Their customer service and guarantees are also unrivalled.

What is the average life of a K-9 dryer?

Another question that is mostly based on usage but maintenance can definitely extend life. The average professional groomer will run a K-9 dryer anywhere from 5-20 years. Cleaning filters and checking/changing brushes will help you get the max life out of your dryer.  We have seen machines come back from the field that have been in service for 25 years.   Home users should check their brushes every 3 years. 

What are the main differences between the K-9 II and K-9 III and variable options?

The K-9 II will have a little warmer air flow and more air force.  The K-9 III will have slightly cooler air and slightly less air force but has more overall air flow and is easier to maintain due to the brushes being exposed just behind the exhaust end or the end that your hose goes on.  The variable speed switch allows the user to have full control over the air stream and is recommended when dealing with smaller breeds and sensitive areas of the pets. 

Do you offer discounts on larger orders? 

Yes. If your order is over 5 dryers reach out to to tell us about your situation. 

Do you have something that isn’t for a professional and would work well for drying a dog at home?

The K-9 Fluffer Home has the same quality components and build quality as the professional lines but has only a single round attachment and a 6’ hose instead of 10’ hose.  You can upgrade to the K-9 Fluffer Pro package to get the longer hose and additional attachments. 

Why does the K-9 III need two wall mounts?

It doesn’t but…. It is less stable and having the additional mount points on the wall makes it sturdier. 

What is the difference between the round blower tip and the square blower tip? 

The round blower tip will have more force but will come out in a narrower pattern. It may cause some tangling on wire coated dogs. The flat blower tip will produce a wider pattern of air with slightly less velocity. When it comes to the blower tips, it mostly comes down to personal preference.

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