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Heavy Duty K9 Dryer filter how long does it last?

Recently (12-27-2019), we've seen more and more buzz around the Heavy Duty Filter as the goto filtration option for the trendy K9 Dryer line.  Is this the right filter for you -- well that depends on a bunch of parameters let's dig in and explore that...

Essentially heat dispersion is the big problem with the HDF.   Even though the surface area of the HDF is significantly higher than the foam filters, the micron filter size on the HDF is much much smaller.  What does that mean? 

Air is more restricted when passing through the HDF due to the smaller hole sizes in the fabric filter.   This reduction in the air means that less air is flowing through the powerful motors, and thus, the motors will run hotter.   The exit air temp will be 5-6 degrees warmer.  Well, isn't more heat better!?   It depends.

Motors that run hotter will shorten their life -- at this moment we don't have exact figures, but we've been thinking about testing this, and if we do so, we'll update this post as well as notify our mailing list.  Sub here to stay in the loop here.

Warmer air will increase the ability of that air to carry more water from the animal, thus speeding drying time.  

(Legal) As you already know, more heat isn't always the best for every type of breed, and the operator must pay close attention to not create a situation where it becomes unsafe for the animal.   

HDF requires maintenance just like the foam filters but it should be less often due to the increased surface size.

So what's the final word? Motor life vs. Time savings vs. Ambient Temp vs. Ambient Humidity -- Here is an essential guide that we'll eventually be proving out with some studies. 

Dry Time Motor Life Environment Temperature
Environment Humidity
Operator Awareness Filter Cleaning Filter Life
Faster Shorter Hot High Higher Lower Higher
Faster Shorter Hot Low Higher Lower Higher
Faster Normal Low High Normal Lower Higher
Faster Normal Low Low Normal Lower Higher

Think we got it wrong?  Let us know your comments and questions below.   Remember to subscribe to our mailing list as when we run the experiment we'll make sure to get you the results. 

Keep on grooming!


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  • I have a set. How do you clean them?

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