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What is High Velocity Deshedding? Learn these Time & Money Saving Benefits of High-Velocity Deshedding

If you’re lucky enough to call your house the loving home of a big, fluffy, and beautiful dog, then you’ll already be familiar with the eternally recurring headache of shedding. If you’re only just getting ready to bring one of these luxuriously-coated beasts into your home, then it’s important to know some things about what you can do to make cleaning your home a little easier. For anyone who’s dealt with lots of dog hair in their house, using a high-velocity dog dryer can make a huge difference!


The Fastest Way to Get Rid of Loose Fur

The term sounds technical, but it’s actually not all that fancy: these dog dryers are essentially high-powered blow-dryers made especially for our canine friends. They have the ability to quickly blow out dead fur from your dog’s undercoat. As a dog sheds, much of its shedded fur gets caught deep in the undercoat, which lengthens the time it takes for all of the fur to fall off. Applying a High-velocity deshedding treatment allows you to push out all that dead fur at once, leaving your doggy shed-free for up to three weeks.


A Cheaper Way to Deshed Your Dog

Professional groomers will often use a blow-dryer as one step of a grooming process that also includes a bath and brushing. However, these appointments can be expensive, especially when you own a dog that needs frequent desheddings. Luckily, the cost of these special dog dryers can be as little as the price of a single grooming appointment!


How to Get Started with High Velocity Deshedding

To try it for yourself, you’ll need a few basic tools — the most important one is the dog dryer itself. Most large pet shops will also carry a few of these in store, and there are plenty of places online to find affordable dog dryers.

The next most important tool is a package of cotton balls for your doggie’s ears. Many dogs get scared or irritated by the noise of a dryer, so gently pressing cotton balls into their ears can help them calm down enough to cooperate as you get down to blowing. If you want to give your pup a high-class grooming experience, you might want to purchase some deshedding conditioner, which can help smooth down the coat to allow the last few hairs to work their way out. 

Don’t forget to do all this in a place you aren’t worried about becoming coated with hair. For most people this would be outside, but if you’re unable to do that you’ll want to go for a bathtub, basement, or the easiest place to clean in your house. The process releases a tremendous amount of loose fur, so if you do it inside your house, you’ll neutralize all the benefits of speeding up the deshedding process!


Benefits for Not Just for You, but for Your Dog Too! 

At first, your pup might be wary of the noise and feeling of the dryer. Don’t worry — after a few sessions, most dogs become very comfortable. And in the long term, they’ll definitely be happier without the loose fur that prevents them from cooling down. 

In addition, high-velocity deshedding prevents a lot of the tangling problems caused by other deshedding techniques. If you shave or cut your four-legged friend’s fur, for example, the fur can grow back irregularly, which can leave a tangled and uneven coat after a few weeks.


Final Takeaways

High-velocity dog dryers are a professional-grade tool that can ultimately save dog owners a lot of money, time, and stress and are by far the easiest way to deshed a dog. So if you want a cooled off, happy dog as well as a fur-free house, high-speed deshedding is the perfect way to get there!

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