Common Questions and Tips – K-9 Dryers

Common Questions and Tips

When I turn my switch off my machine keeps running. What is the problem?

If you have the toggle switches or the variable switch on your K-9 dryer you may just have a bad switch. The other possibility would be that your brushes are worn out. If your brushes go bad it can keep the dryer from turning on or off. Check your brushes and if they are good it’s more than likely a switch issue.

It looks like I didn’t get my brushes changed soon enough and my armatures are bad. Is my machine worth repairing?

Yes, if the rest of your machine is in good shape it would be worth putting a new motor or motors in your K-9 dryer.

My dryer is getting hot. What is the cause of that?

This can be caused by a number of issues

  • Your filters may be plugged and the dryer is starving for air which would create heat. 
  • Your brushes may be bad. Check and replace the brushes as soon as possible if they look worn and in bad shape. 
  • The area your dryer is in is already warm and that is causing your dryer to heat up faster. You should operate your dryer in an area that you can keep as close to 70 degrees or less as possible. These dryers are just taking air and pushing it through your machine. As the ambient air temperature increases in your bathing room the machine will run warmer as well
  • Another tip to keeping the dryer cool is to keep your bathing area at a low humidity level. High humidity will increase heat.

My dryer is making funny noises. What is going on? 

If you are hearing a grinding sound more than likely your brushes are bad. Change them as soon as possible. If you are hearing a squeaking noise you may have a hole in your hose or a leak in your cover gasket on the end where your hose is attached. If it’s the hose or the cover gasket they can be replaced easily either by yourself or using our repair service.

Why does my K-9 II sound different to the K-9 III?

The K-9 II and K-9 III will sound different when they are running. Because one dryer has motors that are parallel and one has motors side by side they do sound different when they are running. Read our common questions for other differences between these models

I have a K-9 II with toggle switches and the motors sound different when I run just one motor. Is that common?

Yes. Because of the placement in the body when you run either the front motor or back motor individually they will sound different from each other.

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  • Our k9 ii dryer started to put out a small amount of smoke and then popped. A week or so later one of the switches will no longer turn on the motor. The other switch and motor work fine. Do we replace the motor? Or the brushes? Or the switch? What’s the best way to troubleshoot our dryer for repair?


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