0% Financing for 6 Months – K-9 Dryers

0% Financing for 6 Months

    COVID-19 Impact

    If you have been living under a rock for the past 2 months this will be news to you but for the rest of us surface dwellers, the Covid-19 virus has brought the US economy to a grinding halt.   Ah, crap.

    Regardless of our situation we still have obligations to our fuzzy friends to make sure they are cared for in the most appropriate manner.   

    We've taken steps to make sure that our patrons are aware that we will still be operational during these trying times and want to highlight our pay later option and new repair service.

    New Repair Service 

    It is almost always cheaper to send in the unit for repair than to buy new.  If the unit is under warranty then you are really looking good.

    We just launched a new way to mail your unit to get fixed which will save you a small fortune on postage.  You can find more information on that here. 

    0% Interest for 6-Months

    If you absolutely need a new machine we highly recommend leveraging our Klarna partnership where you will pay 0% interest over 6-months as long as you make each month's payment on-time. 

    Payments can be made with your favorite credit so you won't miss out on those reward dollars/points.  

    We will continue to update this post with any new strategies 

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