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Do German Shepherds Need To Be Groomed?

We love our German Shepherds because they are fiercely loyal, intelligent and incredibly obedient. And because of this, they excel in being guard and family dogs. And as a fun fact, according to Mental Floss, German Shepherds are considered as the third smartest breed of dogs. They are able to understand a command after only 5 tries.

Having said that, aside from proper nutrition, these dogs also require regular maintenance and care.

Importance of Grooming

It’s important to keep your German Shepherd groomed not only so that they will look good, but also to maintain a healthy level of cleanliness. And with regular grooming, you can spot any uncommon defects such as rashes, ticks or fleas, ear infection or bumps, among others. This will save you a whole lot of time and money before it becomes a serious case.

One thing to point out though, you need to start grooming your German Shepherd as early as possible, and this can be as early as a three-week old puppy. This is because they need to get used to the routine of being groomed and staying put, especially when it comes to nail cutting.

It’s also a good bonding activity between you and your dog. This is the time for your German Shepherd to have all your attention on him, while he gets bathed, brushed and cleaned all over.

Lastly, grooming your German Shepherd contributes to your own household cleanliness. With regular brushing, you will reduce your german shepherds shedding which means there will be less hair and dander going around your home that could also trigger allergies from your housemates or family members.

Basic Grooming Tips

  1. Brushing

    Interestingly, German Shepherds have a double coat that keeps them warm during the winter months, and blocks out UV rays and excessive heat during the hot summer months. Regular brushing of your German Shepherd’s hair prevents it from becoming matted, and instead, making his hair healthier and shinier.

    During the spring, they shed their hair more because they are getting rid of their winter coat. GSDs can be brushed or dryer blown on a daily basis during this time. And again, during the fall as German Shepherds start to shed their summer coat to make way for their winter coat. Otherwise, brushing 3-4 times a week is sufficient enough. You can sometimes cut your german shepherds coat, but never shave it!

  2. Ears and Toes

    Both ears and toes have to be checked once a week. Just like humans, German Shepherds get ear wax build-up. Clean their ears with ear drops, not with water because it can cause infections. Squeeze a couple of drops into each ear and massage it gently, then wipe it off with a soft cloth or cotton pads. If toenails are left unchecked and allowed to grow too long, it can hurt your German Shepherd. There are special cutters just for dog toenails, and can easily be bought in pet shops. If cutting your dog’s toenails is difficult for you, consider going to a professional groomer. They can also teach you how it’s done, and once you and your pup are comfortable with it, you can do it yourself.

  3. Teeth

    Teeth need to be checked regularly too, for plaque and tartar build up. This can easily be done with a toothbrush and a small amount of dog-friendly toothpaste. Brush as you would brush your own teeth, making sure to reach the gums too.

  4. Bathing

    Bathe your dog once every 3 months since they are generally odor-free and naturally clean. Bathing too often will strip their coats of its natural oils that can dry out their skin. Avoid strong shampoos because it can irritate their skin, as well.

    While German Shepherds are not high maintenance as compared to other breeds, they will still benefit from a regular grooming routine. And aside from the care you are showing to your German Shepherd, it’s going to strengthen your bond.

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