After Sale Questions – K-9 Dryers

After Sale Questions

Where is the serial number on my dryer?

The serial number for the K-9 I and k-9 II is on the top of the unit on the exhaust end which is the end your hose is attached to. The Mini K-9, K-9 Fluffer and K-9 III are under the handle where the cord wraps to the machine. The serial number is on a silver tag.

How do I register my K-9 Dryers extended warranty?

You do not have to do anything if you are automatically enrolled.  Make sure you hold onto your order number.   You do need to mail in your manufacturer warranty card.  

How do I register the manufacturer warranty? 

There will be a card in the box that you will need to fill out and mail to the address on the card. 

It says my package was delivered but I can’t find it anywhere?

Losing your package is not fun and we get it.  However 95% of lost packages show and we are unable to enter a claim until the below is completed. 

  • Check with your neighbors.  Many times the package may be dropped at the wrong spot.
  • Check all doors or possible drop points around your home or business. 
  • To call UPS and start a package tracer you will need your tracking number which can be found here.   UPS can be reached at 1-800-742-5877 to start this process.
  • After UPS completes their internal audit we can file a claim.  

Can I repair my dryer?

The K-9 dryers are almost always fixable. You can replace motors, brushes, switches, Etc.
Read our list of how to fix common problems

We also offer a repair service for your dryer if you want to hand it over to the professionals.

Can I order replacement parts for my dryer even if it’s 20 years old?

Yes, all K-9 dryer parts are replaceable dn available on our store

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