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The Best Dryer For Dogs: K9 Dryer Reviews

Our customers couldn't agree more — k9 dryers are at the top of the dog drying game! Whether it's for professional groomers, breeders, or just a pet owner who is fed up with dog fur all over their home, our customers have lots of great things to say about the quality of our dog dryers. 

Why Our Dog Dryers Stand Out

Review after review says the same thing about our products — k9 dog dryers are in a league of their own. But let's have the product speak for itself! Why do groomers and owners alike love our high velocity dog dryers?

The best quality

Our dog dryers are known for their high velocity performance and are built of a quality that is meant to stand out from other brands. Whether you purchase the Mini Model for your puppy or small dog, or our Variable Speed iii dryer for the most powerful blowing action that will cut your drying time in half, all of our models are made with exceptional materials that will last through dry after dry.

All of our models come with dual speed settings, a dryer hose, two filters, and flat and round blower tips for different drying and fluffing purposes. We also have a huge range of colors to choose from so you will feel like the dryer is even more customized to your desires. With all of these options for your high velocity dog dryer, it's really no wonder so many of our customers love their purchase!

The best value

Our customers know that when they invest in a k9 dog dryer, they won't have to worry about parts breaking apart or the dryer breaking down. Our dryers can stand up against the toughest dog hair and fur for dry after dry after after. In order to ensure that you're getting the highest quality product, we offer a 2 year warranty on all of our dog dryers. If desired, we can also extend it to 4 years in order to protect your equipment against any faults that might occur. That's our K9 promise to you!

K9 Dryers offers Exceptional Support and Service

More than once we've heard stories from our customers about past dog drying experiences — the nightmare that ensued! When purchasing a high velocity dog dryer from us, we always want to make sure our customers are left feeling completely, 100% satisfied with their purchase. We know our stuff about dog dryers, and take great pride in the customer service we provide.

Whether it's answering every one of your questions about the dryers, or shipping the very same day that an order is placed, or honoring our warranties, or supporting impactful charities and K-9 Unit police departments — K9 dryers is always here to help!

Longer extended warranty for dog dryers

We offer the only dealer-backed 3 and 4 year extended warranties. We do our own dryer repairs which means we're able to pass the savings onto you!

No profit shipping for dog dryers

We never mark up our shipping, which means you'll get next day shipping rates that are equal to regular ground services from our competitors. 

Try our dog dryers — Read our customer reviews

Not yet convinced? Read customer reviews of our dog dryers below to find out exactly what made our dog dryers stand out from the rest!