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K9 Dryer Wall Mount Bracket

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K.O. (Johnston, Iowa)
Solid and quality

I have the first bracket up, (did not see that I need a second one for the K-9 iii). It holds the dryer but I ordered a second one as an insurance policy on a quality dryer. Wish there were instructions on how to install the bolts to hold the bracket. I am a beginning DIYer and had never seen that type of bolt before so a little guidance as to which tool(s) I should use to install would have been helpful.

Kelli R. (Whitehall, Michigan)
Wonderful tool!

I started using the K9 dryer on our Sheepadoodle, Hensley, over a month ago and it is one of the best tools I have for making her look great. She doesn't mind being dried now at all. The sound of the dryer is minimal and being able to adjust the force of the air makes blowing around her face, neck, and ears much less stressful on her. The nicest aspect is that there is no heat to have to adjust, just powerful, precise air. It takes a fraction of the time I had to spend before the K9 dryer. Hensley is also comfortable and happy while I work to maintain her beautiful coat. The wall mount makes it easy to keep the dryer up out of the way while using it. I highly recommend this. It is totally worth the money spent.

Lynn L. (Lewistown, Montana)
Love it

It has great power

Guy K. (Hamilton, Montana)
Great dryers

I have used K9 dryers for many years now,, highly recommend them for price, quality and dependability.