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K9 iii Variable Speed Dog Dryer™ - K-9 Dryers
K9 iii Variable Speed Dog Dryer™ - K-9 Dryers

K9 iii Variable Speed Dog Dryer™

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The K9 iii variable speed dog dryer is known as a true powerhouse in professional dog grooming circles and by far and away from the most powerful blower in the K-9 dryer line.

We have received reports that state the variable speed iii pet dryer cuts dog drying time in 1/2! That means grooming your pet is faster and easier.

With adjustable airflow speed that allows the user to get as little or as much dryer power as they need. Choose this powerful and versatile variable speed pet dryer to make grooming your dog a breeze.

Included accessories

  • 10' foot high-quality dryer hose.
  • 2 outside filters.
  • Flat tip dryer nozzle.
  • Round tip dryer nozzle.
  • Includes industry-leading 2-year manufacturer warranty.


  • 18 gauge steel body great for rough environments.
  • Variable speed dog grooming
  • 18 amps @ 120v
  • 25 lbs.
  • 17 inches x 16 inches x 11 inches.
  • Ships same business day if ordered before 10 am CST.



K-9 Dryers are an authorized seller of Electric Cleaner Company pet grooming dryers. We sell, service & repair the entire K9 dryer product and parts catalogue from the smallest single motor dog dryer to the most powerful twin motor K-9 III variable speed dog dryer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Erin B. (Oviedo, Florida)
Best dryer ever

Go ahead purchase, you won’t be sorry !!!

Cristina G. (Riverton, New Jersey)
Great Investment

I purchased the K9 III Variable speed dog dryer for my Siberian Husky to help decrease the amount of dying time after his bath. We used the dryer now 4 times since purchased. We are still trying to desensitize him to the dryer but he has made good strides. I'm sure soon he will be accepting of us drying him all the time. We have also used the dryer on his siblings when they come over for play dates. They all love to run play, slobber on each other and get wet, so they get the full doggie daycare experience with a bath, blow dry and brush before going home. It is a great blow dryer for dogs and it's also a great deshedder. I'm able to blow dry all 4 dogs in about one hour. Overall it was a Great investment hoping it will last us for many years to come!!

CHAAMP M.R.C. (Frederick, Maryland)

K9 iii Variable Speed Dog Dryer™

Sarah T. (Buckeye, Arizona)
K9 Dryer

We are absolutely thrilled with our dryer and would highly recommend them!